Seeing is believing. Here’s a look into the vast collection of textures from the team at RAWexchange! These are just a small example of the ten’s of thousands of textures in our library that you have full access to. 

Over the last 5 years, we have been obsessed with creating and capturing textures. You truly have to be in order to have a collection like this and we’re so excited to bring them all to you! 

Not only does Infinite Texture Panel access so many textures, but they are all photographed in high resolution with photographers and creatives in mind! Scroll down below to get a sample of each category, and also see some of the behind the scenes imagery that went into creating these beautiful works of art!

You can see just how passionate we are about textures and the fun we have creating them!

We hope you love them as much as we do.


Be sure to roll your mouse over each image to see the detail for yourself!

Category: Lights

These directional lights will add quite a bit of drama to your images for every genre of photography.

You’ll find retro lens flares, colorful lightrays as well as anamorphic scifi effects and real sun flares! Enhance sunlight when it didn’t come out as well on camera, or create your own sense of energy.

Category: Overlays

Overlays are textures of differing patterns and designs used to cover your entire image. Think of rust walls, abstract brush strokes, and repeating patterns. Use them to enhance the elements in a scene with different overlays, to replacing surfaces of areas. Combine them with blend modes to discover something entirely different!

Category: Particles

Particles range from fine mist, haze, smoke, sparks, and everything in between. These elements can be used to add drama to any scene, whether it’s to add rolling waves of smoke through a foreground to energetic sparks to convey energy. Or blend your own combination to create something new! Capturing them in high resolution is no easy task, but these integrate exceptionally well into photographs!

Category: Elements

Elements is the inspirational category. From fruits to fire, breaking glass to all kinds of liquids, dollar bills, music sheets and obviously:
The Prezel™! Use props on location and fill in the danger or fun later with some of these beautiful elements. Your imagination will go wild with how some of these can be used in your photos! You may even be inspired to create concepts based off of seem all of them.

Have a look how these Textures are made!

The creation of these textures is often fun as it is dangerous and exciting! Producing textures is serious business and sometimes quite the production! It takes a lot of tinkering, creative ideas, and mostly craziness over the span of 5 years to come up with this level of imagery. Here’s a small behind-the-scenes look into the process!

As you can see, we are truly obsessed with textures!