Here’s a look into the amazing photographers that use Infinite Texture and what they have to say. We love seeing the beautiful work of photographers from every genre and reading about how they use textures in their work.

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“The Infinite Texture Panel required me to rethink the way I use and find textures and elements. The random nature of the panel did the thinking for me which influenced my workflow and steered my edit into directions I wouldn’t have come up with myself. As soon as I found a texture/light/overlay that peeked my interest I could dial down the “Randomness” and have the panel “find the correct asset for me to use.”

Brandi Nicole

“This panel is perfect for my workflow; It allows me to quickly and efficiently see many different options for finishing touches on an image.
I am especially drawn to the many light and overlay textures in the panel; there are a variety of light leaks and colorful overlays that I loved incorporating in my work! This panel with Infinite Color is quickly taking over my creative workflow – and I love it!”

Renee Robyn

“This is basically the ultimate texture tool for anyone who’s got a serious case of ADD or a mild gambling problem. When it’s on extra random mode, you can get any number of random options and inspiration sometimes strikes from weird places!

I’m convinced the whole Infinite Panel series is going to mainline digital gambling for those of us pixel geeks who can never make up our mind, but also really wanna see what our images are capable of being. “

Antti Karppinen

“Infinite Texture Panel is a really interesting concept. I have been using it to get interesting color grading for my images that you don’t get just using ICP and also adding some additional elements into my pictures. Especially I like the Overlay part where I get really interesting light leaks and elements to my images but also Lights and particles give me cool smoke and volumetric lights to add my images. ITP is an excellent replacement for using stock images to get more out of your images. I’m definitely using this with ICP Panel to get new ideas for my images”

Joel Robison

The Infinite Texture Panel is an incredibly powerful yet simple to use function to add that extra bit of magic to your images. I found it interesting to add in overlays, lighting, elements and particles that I may not have chosen on my own but suited the images that I edited perfectly. The panel is very intuitive and very quick to learn, it provides you with an incredible amount of varied effects that will help add a bit of interest, light, or mood to your images. I can’t wait to keep using it in my future workflow!

Jai Mayhew

“The Infinite Texture Panel is such an innovative way of formulating category appropriate textures while removing hours of guesswork from the layering process! I have spent years collecting images of light leaks and textures and now with the press of a button this panel provides me with hundreds of similar royalty-free, high Rez images (it’s incredible). As always with the Infinite Color panels, you are given complete control over the layers and colors and every aspect of the tool is beautifully customizable. Every artist is looking to streamline their workflow without compromising on quality and the Infinite Texture Panel is a welcome addition to my process!”

Lasse Behnke

“It is very well designed and i think nobody will have problems understanding and using it. As it automatically changes the blend mode it is a really fast way to combine the textures with my images.

And it is sometimes quite exciting to click the create button because even if you already have in mind what you are looking for, you often get something totally different than expected and you suddenly think ‘Oh that could fit in my image as well’.

So it can really give you new ideas from time to time.”