Meet the TEAM

Pratik Naik Founder of the Infinite Series
Pratik collaborated with Stefan and Conny to continue the thought behind Infinite Color Panel to the world of textures. He is co-owner and loves to connect and inspire the community with the "Infinite" creative tools!
Conny Wallstrom The God of Extension Panels
Conny is a photographer, retoucher, and software developer in Sweden. He started using Photoshop as a web developer for nearly 20 years, and has been retouching for 7 years. He is the programmer behind ITP and founder of Retouching Toolkit!
Stefan Kohler RAWexchange
Stefan takes care about the content of the Infinite Texture Panel. His Company RAWexchange has a long tradition in creating gallery quality textures - they sold over 40 million images over the last 5 years.