Key Features


Our highly intuitive “randomness” slider is coupled with artificial intelligence on the back end. If you pick a flowy fabric and want something similar, it knows to pick textures with similar properties. It’s modern day magic. 50 GB of text files help the A.I. connect to all the images. 2 billion sets of numbers are accessed with a click of a button and at your fingertips.


The difference between our textures is that they’re shot with composite work in mind. Not only are they in high resolution, the lighting and angle of each make them all usable, not just some of them. Half of these textures are also not published anywhere else!


With the growing demands of creatives, there are plans to continually add more textures based on how much people want them.


No matter what you use our textures for, you’re covered. All of them come with full and clear commercial rights. So no matter if you’re using it for a campaign, or for prints, you are set.


With the panel, you have the option of choosing from elements, particles, overlays, lights, or all of them. Your creativity doesn’t have to be held back with a full range of options to pick from.


Seeing is believing, but playing is even better. We really believe that you will love Infinite Texture Panel so much that we’re giving a free trial to everyone. With the trial, you’ll have access to all the textures, but you must have the full version in order to download the full resolution textures. Also AI MATCH is disabled in the free version.


The AI.VISUALIZER gives you access to the whole library – visually sorted!

That’s the place to explore the library, store your favorites and choose the file thats loaded next!


With the growing number of textures in our huge library, it can be overwhelming to find a specific one.
We solved this issue with the AI MATCH function.

It’s simple: You just scribble whatever you’re looking for and hit a button. The realtime AI on our Server looks up for the closest visual match and returns it into Photoshop. You can take it from there and discover more or just replace it with the high resolution file.

The beauty in this: You never leave Photoshop and therefore you stay in the creative process instead of scrolling through counltless librarys.
Also it’s important to note, that the AI does an incredible job to find exactly what you’re looking for within seconds.