We know the true power of what’s possible with Infinite Texture Panel and we wanted to show you! 

With these videos, you’ll get up to speed on not just using the panel and all of its features, but some real-world applications so you can see creative ways of using the panel like you might not have thought about before. We hope these videos encourage you to think outside the box and take your work to another level!


The Essentials: Fundamental Videos For Using Infinite Texture

If you would like to get up to speed on using the panel, start with these videos
to get acquainted with all the features in a short amount of time!


If you need to start with one video, this would be it. 

The panel was designed to be easy to use for anyone that picks it up for the first time, but to truly make the most of it, this video will give you a full tour on what everything does. From the different panel options, to the randomness slider, to real-world implementation, you’ll gain confidence and use the panel more effectively after seeing what’s possible.

Short Tricks

We want to encourage people to get their creativity going with these videos. They are designed to be concise yet impactful by showcasing many different possibilities using textures that go beyond the obvious. We hope they truly spark something in helping you bring out your vision!

Note: These videos use the old version of the ITP without our new AI Visualizer. The tricks of course still work.

Adding Realistic Lens Flares To Images

With ITP, you get a great selection of flares. This video goes over implementing them realistically in a few quick steps.

Turn A Summer Image Into A Winter Wonderland

Naturally lit images can often feel restricting. With textures, we’ll show you how to convert brightly lit images into a scene from a Winter fairytale in conjunction with a few techniques.

Turn Anything Into Fire

We all love the drama of fire in images. We’ll show you how to turn basically all textures from the Infinite Texture Panel into burning hot elements.

Get More Saturation On Bright Backgrounds

When using textures in layer blend mode ‘screen’, you’ll often loose saturation. We’ll show you how to avoid this by using a very simple trick.

Create Depth With Textures

Textures are just flat layers. This video shares the techniques to make them wrap around your model and increase the depth of your image.

The Visual Search

Sometimes RANDOM is just not enough. This video goes into all the details of the most powerful feature of the Infinite Texture Panel: The AI.VISUALIZER

Rapid Masking

This is a very simple way to mask objects based on its luminosity.

Adding Light into dark scenes

Don’t push it too far!