The magic of Infinite Texture Panel is to sort through images with an intuitive interface that gets you to what you want,
or discover something you never imagined.

What if you could visualize a larger number of textures that match your preference?

How Does it Work?

The A.I. Visualizer shows a grid of close to 50 images based around your latest selection from Infinite Texture Panel.

The slider on the left represents the randomness of the grid. The higher the value, the more randomness is involved. By clicking a texture you like from that grid, it places that in the center and then reloads within a fraction of a second! It keeps the data and randomness in mind when it re-populates the new set of textures.

How Do I Apply My Selection In Photoshop?

Once you find something you like, simply go back to Photoshop and hit the create button. No matter your settings, it will bring that texture in so you can use it!

After which, simply use Infinite Texture Panel as you normally do in case you want to continue exploring further.
No more searching, no more downloading, no annoying licensing – it’s all yours.

How Do I Save My Favourite Textures?

The power of A.I. Visualizer extends far beyond discovery, it now comes with the ability to save your favourite textures as well! On the left hand side of the visualizer, you will now see a collapsed column that stores all your saved textures. Here is a short tutorial on how it works (link).

Want To See It In Action?

Here’s a video showing how to use the A.I. Visualizer in a workflow scenario!