The magic of Infinite Texture Panel is to sort through images with an intuitive interface that gets you to what you want,
or discover something you never imagined.

What if you could visualize a larger number of textures that match your preference?

The power of A.I. Visualizer is the ability to not only sort through our entire database of textures, but the ability to save your favourites, discover our new collections, and apply logical settings through the menu to better control how these textures interact with your images! Collectively, it’s a winning formula for creativity.

Where do I get it?

We’d like you to experience this first hand. Simply login to your account and head over to “Downloads” to grab the extension and use it in Photoshop right away after restarting.

You really have to see it to believe it. Be sure to check out the video below as we go through each important feature!

How Does It Work?

The A.I. Visualizer works directly in Photoshop and shows a grid of textures. The texture in the center is the main one that the rest of the textures are based around. The vertical slider on the right is the randomness function. “1” indicates a close match to our main texture. Everything else going up in value increases the randomness of the textures being produced.

If you see a texture you like that is around the center, simply click on it and it becomes the main texture in the middle Hover over any texture in the center and you can add it as a new layer, replace the existing texture, re-shuffle the choices available for the current randomness setting, or add it to your favorite!

The pull out bar on the left is where you can save your favorites, organize them in folders, or discover some of our newest additions!

Advanced Menu Options

For even more control, be sure to click on the menu within A.I. Visualizer on the top right and you’ll find some really great options. These features are explained in detail within our video above and written out briefly below. We really strive to make the experience of using textures fit within your workflow seamlessly! These features were created with the feedback from our community and it truly makes the Visualizer infinitely more useful.

Get Texture

If you have a document where you used a texture from our database and would like to use that for the starting point in Visualizer, this setting will allow you to do just that.

A.I. Match

We’ve decided to include our advanced feature within the menu itself to truly make it an all encompassing update! To learn more about it, be sure to visit this link.

Convert “Blend If” To Mask

We’ve been busy behind the scenes! You’ll notice that a lot of our texture have a white background surrounding the texture. To make it blend in more realistically, we’ve applied a “Blend-If” mode to it so it fits your image better. If you’d like to convert this layer style into a mask instead, this function gives you the ability to do that!

Fill Frame

This setting allows you to let the texture you like fill the frame of your document. So you don’t have to manually adjust it anymore.


Continuing the logical thought process, this allows you to place textures in the same landscape or portrait orientation of your open document, expediting the creative process even further!

Add Mask

We know that most people who use textures also like using masks to help composite their images! This feature allows people to add a white mask by default when applying their texture from Visualizer.

Ignore Layer Blend Mode

Our textures come with a blend mode that helps blend the textures better with the images right off the bat. If you prefer setting your own, you can enable this setting so it comes in without any blending mode.

Ignore “Blend If”

Similarly to the previous option, if you prefer now to have the Blend If setting on, this allows you to toggle it on and off.