AI.MATCH* defines a new area of image selection

Integrating artificial intelligence into Infinite Texture Panel truly makes it special in many ways.

Having thousands of textures and images to access is awesome, but looking for the “right one” can be exhausting and scrolling through pages of images can break the creative flow. AI.MATCH helps expedite the process!

It also comes in handy when you have textures you find and want to use, use AI Match to find the closest texture to it so you can use it for commercial purposes! With the purchase of the full version, no matter what you use our textures for, you’re covered. All of them come with full and clear commercial rights. So no matter if you’re using it for a campaign, or for prints, you are set.

That’s what AI.MATCH* is all about.

The principle is as simple as it is genius: Create a layer, scribble what you’re after and hit the AI.MATCH-Button. The visually closest match in our huge Database is loaded directly into Photoshop based on your input. Sometimes the results may surprise you and you may end up discovering something you fall in love with!

Please note: The videos below use the “old” version of ITP. AI.MATCH is of course included in the “new” Premium version of the AI.Visualizer within the “advanced menu”.

Usecase 1: You Get What You Paint

Sometimes you’ll look for a specific effect or texture. AI.MATCH will make it very easy to get what you need. It’s easy:

  • create a black solid layer in layer blend mode screen.
  • scribble your idea very roughly
  • hit AI.MATCH 
  • a few seconds later the INFINITE TEXTURE PANEL will place a smart object with the closest visual match into your image.

Usecase 2: License A Texture

You might find a texture online with unclear image permissions or you just use Googles image search to get something you like.
Use AI.MATCH to get something similar from our catalog of images – obviously with full commercial rights. Here’s how to do it:

  • place your image on a new layer
  • resize it, so it’s filling the frame
  • hit AI.MATCH
  • only a few seconds later you’ll get our closest visual match which can be used in commercial productions in high resolution!

Usecase 3: Define Your Starting Point

While the random nature of the INFINITE TEXTURE PANEL is an inspirational goldmine, getting a starting point can require additional clicks. AI.MATCH can help getting a starting point:

  • scribble your texture idea
  • hit AI.MATCH
  • as soon as the texture is places, choose your category and move the randomness slider to 0.
  • every time you hit CREATE, the smart object will be replaced by something similiar within the selected category.

* Please note: 
AI.MATCH is currently in BETA. We can’t predict it’s availability and performance, so it might not available at all time.
We are working hard on that feature to make it as fast as possible and even better over time.